Elizabeth Arden PRO

Elizabeth Arden PRO“In a world where aging gracefully is a priority, going PROFESSIONAL with Elizabeth Arden PRO is the answer.”

Since 1910 Elizabeth Arden has been at the forefront of scientific innovation in the beauty industry. Elizabeth Arden PRO professional facial treatments and home care regimens, maximise your skins attention, help your skin appear instantly younger and brighter, while taking your overall results to the next level.

The Professional Facial

This hands-on skin enhancing facial incorporates a relaxing facial massage with replenishing mask to firm, hydrate and exfoliate the appearance of the skin. An ideal introduction to Elizabeth Arden PRO peel pads.
Approx. 50 min. | Single Treatment £39.50

High Definition Peel

Specific products must be used for 2 weeks prior to treatment.
An advanced peel, providing instant and visible skin balancing effects, targeting dehydrated uneven skin tones and problem prone skin. Intensively exfoliates, plumps and volumises, leaving skin radiant and visibly smoother.
30% AHA £45.00
50% AHA £65.00

Omnilux Revive-skin Rejuvenation

Non-invasive, non laser
Omnilux Revive delivers a totally natural method of light only skin rejuvenation. It stimulates cellular activity, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, firms and tones the skin and evens out pigmentation. Giving a radiant, hydrated, toned complexion.
Can be administered easily within a lunch hour
Single Treatment | £58.95
Course of 3 | £150.00

Luxury Omnilux

Hydrates, soothes and cleanses.
Omnilux Revive skin rejuvenation treatment (as above), relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage & hydrating mask.
Single Treatment | £68.95