Massages, Toning & Tanning

Massages, Toning & Tanning

Aromatherapy Massage

A complete therapy to treat stress, insomnia, fatigue and muscle pain which combines massage with the therapeutic value of essential oils.
Full Body £37.50 | Back & Neck £25.00

‘No Hands’ Massage

A deeply relaxing, hypnotic and therapeutic deep tissue massage that soothes aches and pains. Performed on the back of the body.

G5 Gyratory Massage

A mechanical massage that immobilises fatty deposits and cellulite.
Single Treatment £20.00 | Course of 6 £100.00

Indian Head Massage

A gentle massage which eliminates stress, tensions, headaches and migraines whilst improving concentration and boosting the immune system.
Single Treatment £28.95


An advanced, computerised slimming and cellulite treatment which firms and tones the abdomen, hips, thighs or buttocks resulting in an immediate and excellent inch loss.
Single Treatment £23.50 | Course of 10 £188.00

Eurowave Back Treatment

This medically approved machine can help conditions such as sports injuries, sciatica, aches and pains.
Single Treatment £24.00 | Course of 6 £120.00

Body Wrap

A natural way to achieve inch loss, detoxification and a rejuvenated skin texture.
Single Treatment £39.95 | Course of 3 £100.00

St. Tropez ‘Ultimate Air’ Spray Tanning

Indulge yourself in a rich looking, streak less, luxurious golden tan.
Full Body £25.00

Double Dipped
Return to the salon one or 2 days after initial treatment to intensify your golden tan.  £10.00