Hair Removal


Permanent hair removal using a diathermy current. We only use disposable needles.

Consultation No charge
Up to 5 minutes £8.00
Up to 10 minutes £12.00
Up to 20 minutes £17.00
Up to 30 minutes £22.00

Transdermal Electrolysis

Permanent hair removal system.

Consultation No charge
Upper lip £17.50
Upper lip/chin £20.00
Face and neck £24.00

Other areas priced on consultation.

Red Thread Veins

Removal of red veins, broken capillaries and minor skin infections on the face/chest.

Consultation No charge
Treatment from £36.50


Hair Removal & SclerotherapyThe temporary removal of unwanted hair.

Full leg wax (inc bikini line) £29.95
Half leg wax (lower) £20.00
Half leg wax (upper inc bikini line) £26.50
Bikini wax £10.00
Underarm wax £9.50
Upper lip wax £8.00
Upper lip/chin wax £9.50
Full arm wax £18.00
Half arm wax £10.50
Back/chest wax £20.00

Hot Wax Treatments

Brazilian/Hollywood waxing using non-strip wax, which is much kinder to the skin and allows for a much more precise accurate waxing.